An outside professional opinion that can help you break down the walls

Caroline was able to find the bottlenecks we had in our SEO and created a strategy to eliminate them. We are very happy with the outcome.

– Greg @ International Calling Card

How I got started on this path

In 2014 I discovered Eric Ward. Eric was quite possibly the longest serving and most acclaimed SEO link builder in the USA as far back as the 1990s before such a job title existed. Eric was integral to the initial success of Amazon when everybody said it was impossible to sell books online. I reached out for one to one coaching and was astounded when he accepted my request and willingness to mentor me.

Whether I’m consulting or working personally on a project doing the graft, I prefer honest no-nonsense actionable pointers, just like Eric. I will tell you upfront if I think your website’s key landing pages are sliding towards an online graveyard and what can be done about it. I can confidently supervise, build or manage SEO teams and let go the moment they’re ready.

My earlier life experiences in sales, teaching and running multiple small businesses on different continents have moulded my response to my work. I am in a unique position to be passionate about sharing what I know and understanding things from a customer perspective. What do people say about me? My clients tell me I’m too honest but I can sleep with that, I’m not a fan of the agency smoke-and -mirrors approach to SEO consulting

Google Ads & Bing Accredited

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Case studies & results

International Heavy Metals Company

The challenge A newcomer in the heavy metals trade, over reliant on pay per click advertising whilst established competitors relied exclusively on organic search and aggressive outreach

The solution Following a bespoke SEO course and three monthly consultancy & follow-up sessions the CEO had the confidence to establish SEO practice as part of their every day marketing strategy and overhaul their outdated sales team methodology

Project success factor

A 30% reduction in unnecessary Google & Microsoft advertising costs at challenging times of year when it was unprofitable to be running paid advertising. Included overhaul of existing sales team strategy

Harley Street Cosmetic Practice

Handed over a fully functioning link building machine for two priority keywords which had seen a considerable loss in traffic over the previous two year period. I helped with building an SEO team, created an SEO roadmap and provided training. This consisted of (i) recruitment of a dedicated new intern for the marketing team (ii) SEO training for existing marketing team who were only working on social media to the exclusion of organic and (ii) one month supervision until sign off

Project success factor

A 18% increase in traffic over the following 6 months for the two keywords and 8% reduction in pay per click costs due to reduction in spend following strong organic results for the two priority keywords.

Specialist Glaziers

Gained organic positions 1-3 for highly competitive keyword where aggressive competitors had missed a trick and were still outsourcing their link building to agencies with outdated approaches.

Project success factor

A 21% increase in relevant traffic due to the higher SERPs resulting in switch off of the targeted keyword’s paid search ads at the most expensive PPC time of year.

Speech Therapy Centre

Approached for SEO training by a family-run business lacking knowledge, manpower, time with a dated website they were frightened to look at I advised they only needed a fresh simple website and a quality blog . This was a realistic and manageable goal for them in a non-competitive online sector where most work came from referrals.

Project success factor

Elimination of unnecessary longer term SEO stress and website embarrassment!