Tired of SEO agencies without link building expertise? My name’s Caroline, I’m here to show you how

I’m a freelance link builder based in London. My service is perfect for any UK or international firm looking to hire an experienced, straight-talking, full-time link builder in London who never outsources to external agencies.

September 2021: I currently have capacity for one new link building client. Contact me and let’s arrange a call.

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Freelance Link Builder

Link building, when done properly is hard work, which is why no one wants to do it and why so many SEO agencies outsource to the Philippines risking your site with a Google penalty. I love the buzz of cherry picking safe opportunities and seeing the traffic increase!

Packages from £750 / $1000

Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I can also audit your current link building efforts.

SEO Consultancy

Are you spending your SEO budget on irrelevant rankings and traffic? Don’t know how to prioritise SEO towards revenue-generating content? My consultancy sessions are perfect for anyone wanting to know what their SEO priorities should be and how to drive growth.

90 min consultation £95 / $120

Straight-talking advice and discussion following my advance prep & research on your site/pages/project.


I provide bespoke crash courses in content SEO providing everything you need to get the work done to get traffic, sales and leads. Ideal for anyone from CEO to new SEO practitioner. From handy tips & tech to myth busting. Includes practical post-course roadmap to get you started.

Course £195 / $260 per candidate

Over one full day or two mornings. My diary fills fast. Book early. Monthly mentoring also available.

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Straight Talking

Every so often something comes across my radar which prompts me to tap out a few paragraphs into my blog from hiccups, insights or inspirations as I work on projects (no names).


What a passionate woman on all things SEO. She has been there, done that and is indeed still there doing that. She was able to bust a lot of the myths surrounding SEO with a no-nonsense approach we found refreshing.

– Erica @ Glaziers

If I have one piece of advice for anyone taking the course – follow the bespoke roadmap advice at the end and find the hours within the team to dedicate to it.

– Richard @ Financial services